Drenthe 1.09.

The Bike for Europe North Team start their journey in the region of Drenthe in the Netherlands. To kick off the tour they will have an action packed schedule, beginning on August 31st, where they will be participating in ‘Happen, Trappen en Stappen’, a cultural bike ride which includes stops to sample local cuisine and drinks! During this ride the team will also have a press meeting in the town of Hoogeveen, involving local politicians and VIP’s. The bust day will not stop there, and in the evening a specially organized bike festival in the town of Norg will take place.

On the morning that the tour gets underway the team will line up to set off in front of 2000 riders partaking in the “Veldslag om Norg”, a UCI professional bike race across difficult terrain. The Bike for Europe tour will get underway just before the UCI event starts. The team will set out on their ride alongside Team Drenthe, a selection of riders from local clubs, who will accompany the North Team to the border of the province of Drenthe to see them on their way across Europe.

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