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This year Wrocław itself is not situated alongside the route that Bike for Europe will take, but is still supporting this European Cross-Border Cycling Tour and the great causes that it champions.

As Wrocław is known as the "Meeting place", on the 22nd of September all cyclists from the city will be invited to meet on the famous Słodowa Island for a special event, promoting Bike for Europe and spreading the values of the event across Europe. Come and visit this beautiful island and join us for the "Little Bike Repairs" workshop, the one and only bicycle cinema, the big "Family Bike Peloton" that will cycle around the city, and a number of "Slow Race" competitions that will take place. You will also get a chance to donate your cycling kilometres towards this good cause.

The event has been organised by Wrocławskie Centrum Rozwoju Społecznego (WCRS) and the V4Sport Foundation. Both organisations are based in the city of Wrocław, and look forward to joining forces every time the opportunity presents itself, in order to bring a wider range of activities to the city of Wrocław and promote active, healthy lifestyles amongst citizens.


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Visit us at one of our many events and tour stops throughout Europe between 1 September to 23 September 2018 and experience what the world of cycling has to offer. [Check the tour stops and off-route events] and find out when we are closest to your city! If you don’t want to wait until we stop in your city you can already #BeActive! Hop on your bike and donate your cycled kilometres for a good cause. [Find out more here]


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