Wednesday Sep 05

The German Unity Cycle Route - Biketour with Cycling Without Age

  • Where Dorotheenstr. 178 From Bonn to Berlin ,
  • When Event Start

We, Cycling Without Age Bonn, are planning a special event this September / October 2018: in a column of rickshaws and bicycles, we, the volunteer pilots, want to travel from Bonn to Berlin on the bike path of the German Unity to arrive in Berlin on October 3, the Day of German Unity. On the way we will visit nursing homes in different cities and do daytrips with the local residents. In this way, not only the concept of "Cycling Without Age" is further spread, but also the joy of activating seniors across the country from Bonn to Berlin. In Berlin there is already a partner association "Cycling Without Age Berlin" which we will of course meet on October 3. On the 1st of October, the international "Day of the Elderly" takes place. Here we want as well to attract attention on the way. We want to make an impact on several levels. On one hand, it is of course active volunteering for elderly care, not only at our location in the Rhineland, but across the country. On the other hand, we are giving incentives for many nursing homes in Germany to consider establishing such own initiatives. A brief overview - Route: The German Unity Cycle Route ( - Number of rickshaws: Currently expected 4 - Date: 05.09.2018 - 03.10.2018 - Stages: 4 weeks with each 5 days of cycling (approx. 40 - 70 km), 1 day of action, 1 break / buffer day