Saturday Jun 03

Let's Cycling Together

  • Where Yeniköy, 35470 Menderes/İzmir İzmir ,
  • When Event Start

To start off the weekend, let's head to a cool place and unwind from the stress of the past week that we've spent together. On the third of June, we'll cycle together around Balaban Lake. After our cycling tour, we're planning to have a camping trip for the weekend, which will allow us to explore the local area and immerse ourselves in the environment. Cycling has always been a great way to kick-start the day, and it's even better when we can make new friends who share our passion for an active lifestyle. To participate in this event, you'll need a bicycle. If you'd like to join us for the camping trip, make sure you bring your own camping gear. The location is a bit outside the county of Menderes. It would be great if you have a car to get there, but if you don't, don't worry! There's also an Eshot bus, numbered 829, that runs from Cumaovası train station. We would be pleased if you could join us, regardless of your mode of transportation and do not forget please we would like to do every activity for the world and our health so we support sustainability as a result of the we would like you to not bring one time usage things with you. Thank you for your interest.