Social inclusion through sport is possible – but where do you start?


This year’s NowWeBike event, #BikeForEurope, is raising awareness about enabling social inclusion through cycling. Our Donate Your Kilometres and partners’ crowdfunding efforts, in particular, are raising funds for NGOs who are working with refugees and other people in need to help buy bicycles and other items they need to deliver their activities.

This is because we believe a little help goes a long way and that everyone has the right to enjoy the benefits of physical activity.

Through our Integration of Refugees Through Sport project, ISCA and likeminded sports organisations and NGOs, led by the University of Kent, have produced a guide to and inspire other NGOs, sports clubs, community organisations or individuals to get involved in sport and physical activity initiatives for refugees and other people in need.

The implementation guide introduces you to the topic of Integration of Refugees through Sport with practical examples showing the situation, the challenges and the barriers that sports clubs and NGOs face when carrying out these activities. It also gives an overview of potential solutions and peer-to-peer advice.

You can download the guide here.

Want to see more examples of Integration of Refugees Through Sport in practice?

We have gathered 24 examples from countries all over the world for you to learn from when you are creating your own projects in your local communities.

Bike for Europe side event organiser BIKEYGEES, from Germany, is featured in the collection for its dedicated ladies’ initiative to teach refugee women how to cycle.

Browse the collection here.

Visit the Integration of Refugees Through Sport website to learn more about the EU and Nordplus supported project.