• Feridun Ekmekci

    Feridun is the main pedal force of the team as he has pedalled over 100,000km in his life. He is known as an open-minded, analytical and thoughtful, environment and nature-friendly and a person who works easily in a team. He likes to work on projects related to environmental protection, healthy lifestyle, cycling and walking. This is the reason he decided to become a member of ISCA and a part of the NowWeMOVE team.

    He was born in Akhisar, Turkey in 1967 and has professional background in energy management in photovoltaic system and is part of the academic staff at Muğla Sıtkı Koçman Üniversity, Electric and Energy Department. Feridun has 27 years of experience in the education sector. He is a project expert on a regional, national and international level as he a National Eurovelo Coordinator and MOVE Week National Coordinator for 3 years and project advisor of the CBCE. Feridun Ekmekci is also a charter member and the head of the ENVRECEVKO - Energy Efficiency and Environment Protection Association in Muğla, Turkey.

    He is constantly gaining new knowledge and sharing his long-term experiences in eco-tourism, sustainable transport and project management. He tries to develop the Eurovelo 8 extesion route in Muğla region, Southern Aegean. He is also a bicycle policy auditor (BYPAD) and a bike user for tourism model and transportation in daily life for 35 years.

    He is a member of Scientists for Cycling (S4C) network - ECF, the Development Committee of GEKA - Southern Aegean Development Agency, and member of advisory committee of EU Turkish delegation, transport and Tourism section.

  • Adnan Çangir

    Adnan owned his first bike in 1995 and keeps cycling ever since he bought it.

    He was born in 1964 and has studied English Language Teaching at Selçuk Üniversity, Konyaand, graduating in 1986.

    After he started teaching at secondary schools and later in 1997 transferred to Muğla Sıtkı Koçman Üniversity as a lecturer.

    He started a cycling community to encourage cycling for commuting, sport and leisure at the university he works for in 1999.

    He joined ENVERÇEVKO in 2013 and became a board member in 2014.
    He is also working in the NowWeMove team actively.

  • Meliha Kaya

    Meliha is a passionate and experienced cyclist and traveller. She was born in Samsun, but she lives in Izmir now. She studied carpet design.

    She is a distant road cyclist and she has joined many cycling tours in Turkey. She loves to travel alone and in 2015 she went alone with bike in Balkan countries.

    She is a member of ENVERÇEVKO and her mission is to cycle all the Eurovelo routes and encourage everyone to ride a bicycle.

  • Aysel Ataş

    Aysel Ataş was born in 1970 in Gaziantep. As a young child she moved to The Netherlands with her family. Her family is quite big as she has four siblings and two children.

    She owned and ran a restaurant for 18 years. When she was 34 years old, she got the certificate for hotel management and has worked as an organization manager.

    She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36. During the treatment, she got her Master's Degree on Management Economy and law. She got her diploma at the age of 40 but due to illness, she lost her job.

    In 2013 she moved to Izmir, Turkey for good. After meeting with cyclists in Izmir, she made a lot of friends among them and decided to join the NowWeBike team on the JourneyOfHope.

    She is the general secretary of the C.A.T Sports Club, the activity coordinator of Espedal Izmir (cycle club) and she is a volunteer cyclist trainer in Moris Benciyo Autistics School. She is also the board member of Marathon Masters Swimming club.